Healthy School

QK has Healthy School status, meeting all four criteria: we promote healthy eating, physical activity and emotional well-being and include in our social education programme topics such as drugs, relationships, sex education and so on.

Healthy Eating

The latest health promotion initiative at QK has been the introduction of Fruity Friday each week. Fresh fruit and fruit smoothies are served at break time in the Diner to promote the '5 a day campaign' with fresh juice replacing cold drinks. Lunches are appetising meals with a range of vegetables and meat to contribute to a healthy, balanced diet.

QK Breakfast Club

Staff and students from both QK and our neighbours George Eliot Junior School can enjoy a healthy start to the day in the Breakfast Club which is open every day from 8am in the QK Diner. At the annual breakfast in the Diner for George Eliot pupils, Year 9 and 10 students talk about the importance of a healthy breakfast.

Health Promotion

Awareness is raised throughout the year on World Aids Day, No Smoking Day, World Mental Health Day and Anti-Bullying Week amongst other initiatives. On World Aids Day we run quizzes and competitions, sell ribbons and raise money for Lavenda Springs. We check students' lung capacity, provide leaflets and advice and answer questions on No Smoking Day.

Sun Smart

Students are encouraged to wear sun screen on sunny days. On Sports Day, QK provides shaded areas and supplies sun screen and water throughout the day.


Physical activity is strongly encouraged at QK. As well as curriculum lessons, the P.E. Department runs many clubs at lunchtime and after school with Parkour and other activities in our Youth Club.

Water Bottles

Many staff and students at QK use their Healthy Schools water bottles refilled from fountains around the school and in the Diner. We promote drinking water to keep students hydrated to improve behaviour and their concentration in class.


Diner chef Ron takes Youth Club classes focussing on Healthy Eating. We provide the ingredients for students to make cakes, muffins, curry and rice, fruit salad, Caesar salad, pasta dishes and more.