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The Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme is here to recognise and reward any student at QK who has achieved in whatever way. Students may be nominated by anybody and the final selection of who should get the award is made by all of us. This happens by voting using Fronter, the awards are part of our community and are decided by our community.

Congratulations to...

  • Sultan Mohammed, in Year 8. Sultan was nominated for his fantastic progress in his attitude to learning and self development. He has become a positive role model in his year group and an excellent contributor to school life.
  • Alisha Morris-Devere, in Year 9. Alisha has gained her award in recognition of her contribution to looking after the school's animal facility, for encouraging other students to become involved and for informing adult visitors about its value to the school community.
  • Lorik Morina in Year 9. Reason for award: Lorik is a major contibutor to our Student Voice and School Council. He has also unselfishly given a massive amount of his time to the school and has promoted it in a sincere and honest fashion to many visitors, from parents to politicians.

Each winner receives a £200 cheque that is to spend not on themselves but the community. The winners decide how that money is to be spent.