Sixth Form

AS/A2 - OCR 3860/7860

This course leads to one AS/A2 Certificate. Media Studies (60% examination / 40% coursework).

Media Studies in the Sixth Form follows on from GCSE Media Studies. A GCSE in the subject is not necessary to succeed and enjoy the course but any candidate should be literate and should have achieved at least a C or above in GCSE English. There is an emphasis in the A Level course on developing practical and analytical skills and preparing students for the sort of education that they will encounter at university.

The course is made up of six modules:


Unit 2730 - Foundation Production (Coursework)

Students are required to plan, film, edit and evaluate the introduction to a thriller film.

Unit 2731 - Textual Analysis (Examination - 2 hours)

Students analyse and interpret how genre is established in Action Adventure films and how gender is established and dealt with in sitcoms.

Unit 2732 - New Media Technologies (Examination - 1 hour)

Students examine the influence of new technology on the media; the impact it has on our everyday lives and changes that may occur in the future.


Unit 2733 - Advanced Production (Coursework)

Students are required to plan, film, edit and evaluate their own music video or documentary.

Unit 2734 - Critical Research Study (Examination - 2 hours)

A university style 'dissertation' written under examination conditions. Students are required to research a topic that interests them from a number of options and explain their findings in the exam.

Unit 2735 - Media Issues and Debates (Examination - 2 hours)

An examination on Modern British Film and Magazines looking at the structure and content of both industries.