Sixth Form

AS in 1 year or A Level in 2 years

Students study four units of the Edexcel History syllabus. Two are outline studies of extended periods of history (one in AS, one in A2). Students are expected to know what happened before, during and after the period. An in-depth study of a shorter period makes up unit 2 on Henry VIII. The remaining unit is coursework.

First Year: AS

Unit 1: Students answer two questions on Russia.

  • D3 Russia in Revolution 1881-1924: From Autocracy to Dictatorship
  • AND D4 Stalin’s Russia 1924-53

Unit 2: Source-based paper with two questions.

  • Henry VIII Option A, Topic A1 - Henry VIII: Authority, Nation and Religion, 1509-1540

Second Year: A2

AS units (50%) plus

  • Unit 3: Hitler and the rise of Modern Germany. (30%)
  • Unit 4: Coursework (20%)