Student Support

What is Student Support and how does it support learning?

QK School continues to transform the life chances of both students and their families. It can do this because the school operates from a clear understanding of the challenging circumstances that many of the students come from. This enables the school to make sophisticated provision for their personal development that develops articulate, confident young people.

At QK we are fully committed to ensuring that every student achieves irrespective of any barriers they may have to their learning. As a Full Service Extended School we employ a range of professionals and put in place a wide range of interventions to support those students who need some additional and different support.

The Student Support Faculty plays a key role in ensuring that students at QK are well supported and that the following principles are followed:

  • We value all the pupils in our school equally
  • We want to identify and break down possible barriers to learning
  • We place a strong emphasis on achievement and the importance of learning

The Student Support department pages are under review and are being updated shortly.