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QK House - building for their future

QK House will aim to provide a safe, stable and focused environment for Sixth Form students who find themselves in a situation that forces them to become homeless. Every year we experience large numbers of sixth form students who face the prospect of homelessness, and many of whom do in fact become homeless. Of course you will know that until recently these young people have been placed in local hostels in central London – unfortunately this is no longer an option for many of these students and they are absolutely desperate for some real and much needed help. QK House aims to do just that.

In the coming year we plan to build a house for our sixth formers who struggle to balance the pressures of life outside school with a dogged determination to succeed at A-Level and go on to university. QK house will be a safe haven for these students.

I am really excited about this new initiative. It is a huge project that QK is undertaking but we are totally committed to making it work.

When myself and Irene (my Deputy) first envisaged QK House – I didn’t think it could ever really happen. I never imagined that this could be a reality. But with the support that we have already received, at this extremely early stage, I know that it is possible. We are going to make it happen! I am sure that this is the first idea of its kind. We will need money, knowhow and people’s time for it to flourish. I would be so grateful if you could show your support too. We need all the help and advice we can get to transform the lives of the most needy, but most worthy teenagers in London.

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