Club Time Location Run by
Art As/ Gcse Monday 3.45 - 4.45pm A3 Sharon Worthington
Art Ks3 Monday 4pm-5pm. A1 Tina Papadopoullos
Art Ks4 Thursday 4pm-5pm. A1 Tina Papadopoullos
Badmington Monday lunchtime Sports Hall Paul Crozier
Basketball KS3 (Boys) Friday after school Sports Hall Shakwa
Basketball KS3 & 4 Monday after school Sports Hall Hasmin Aranguran
Basketball KS3 & 4 (Girls) Wednesday after school Sports Hall
Business Coursework Wednesday lunchtime OS2 Nathan de Garis
Business Studies Thursday after school L1A/ Walter Castro and Nathan Degaris
Cricket Tuesday Lunchtime Des Benjamin
Dance Monday & Tuesday after school Dance studio Victoria Griggs
Drama Tuesday after school QA5 Emma Stevens
Drama G&T; Club Monday after school DCR Emma Stevens
Drama GCSE Wednesday after school UGB Emma Stevens
English Club KS3 Monday 3.45-4.45 L4E Amanda Medcalf
English Extra Monday after school L4B Priya Nair
English Extra Monday after school L4C Dillena Basra
Fitness Gym (Girls) Monday after school Upper Gym Syreeta Stanley
Fitness Gym KS4/5 Monday, Wednesday & Friday 4 - 5pm Upper gym Glen Cudjoe
Football Yr10 (boys) Monday after school Upper Playground Vernon Small
Football Yr11 (boys) Thursday after school Lower playground Vernon Small
Football Yr7 (boys) Thursday after school Lower playground Des Benjamin
Football Yr7 (girls) Tuesday lunchtime Lower gym
Football Yr8 (boys) Monday after school Lower Playground Walid Lemar
Football Yr9 (boys) Wednesday after school Lower Playground Paul Crozier
French Film Friday lunchtime U1E Anais Lacombe
French GCSE Revision Monday and Thursday after school U1D Jessica Schembri
French KS5 Monday after school 6LC Alex Merciris
Geography AS And A Level Monday L2E Louise Malits
Geography GCSE Revision/ Coursework Support Wednesday L4G Louise Malits
Hospitality Monday after school DT2
ICT Monday and Thursday after school U2A Matt Jones and Saurabh Gupta
Maths AS/A2 Wednesday after school U2F Chirag Kothari
Maths GCSE Revision Thursdays after school U2F Darren Murphey
Maths KS3 Monday after school U2F Lexy Lay
Media Revision Thursday after school L4D Simon Clemson
Music Coursework Monday, Wed., Thurs. 3:30 - 5pm Music Dept
Music Youth Club And Mac Work Tuesday - 3:30 - 5pm Music Dept (Pete Harris - recording and Mac assistance)
Parkour Thursday after school Lower gym
Physics (AS/A2) Thursday after school SC1 Jonathon Lisseman
Product Design Monday and Thursday after school DT4 Dina Pindoria and Collen Jose
Robotics Everyday after school DT
Science KS4 Thursday after school SC10 Nadia Mitchen
Sport BTEC Thursday 4:00pm – 5:00pm L1D Hasmin Aranguren
Trampolining Wednesday after school Lower gym Syreeta Stanley