Connexions is the support service for all young people aged 13-19, and up to 25 for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities. It offers young people advice, guidance and support on a range of issues such as education, training, jobs, money and lifestyle decisions, to help them to make a smooth transition to adulthood and working life.

Personal advisors are based in schools, colleges, in the community and in Connexions Centres. Connexions is also available nationally on-line and there is also a local website for Connexions Central London.

In Quintin Kynaston there are two Connexions Personal Advisers. Robert Deane is qualified in Careers Guidance and specialises in advising on education, training and jobs and Coral Joseph specialises in intensive work with a small caseload of students. Both Coral and Robert are based in the QK library and students can drop in and request an appointment. They can link you to other Connexions services, specialist PAs and outside agencies.

In the holidays or perhaps after school you can call or visit your nearest Connexions Centre and talk to a duty Personal Adviser.

The Connexions Centres in Westminster are:

Connexions @ Stowe
258 Harrow Road
London W2 5ES
Tel: 020 7266 8230

Connexions @ Pimlico
Pimlico Village
Lillington Gardens Estate
Under Morgan House
London SW1V 2LF
Tel: 020 7641 2069

The Westminster Connexions Office is at:

29 Cosway Street
London NW1 6TN
Tel: 020 7641 4419

Other local Connexions Centres which might be nearer to you home are:

Connexions @ Camden Town
78 Parkway
Camden Town
London NW1 7AN
Tel: 020 7482 3996

Connexions @ Freston Road
125 Freston Road
London W10 6TH
Tel: 020 7938 8008

Out of hours support and advice (8.00 am - 2.00am):

Tel: 0808 001 3219 (Connexions Direct)
Text: 07766 413219