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Tuesday, 18th October 2011

Apologies for the lack of a blog entry for the past few months; we have been really busy preparing for the new term.

We have some really exciting things being organised to help fundraise for QK House. Firstly I’m happy to tell you that we have received our Gift Aid number! Although this may sound very unglamorous at the moment, we at QK House are very excited to have this news as it means that we can start taking donations regularly and online, finally! Thank you to all our supporters to this point! So far we have raised in excess of £28,000 in aid of QK House and we are continuing to raise money every month through the generosity of the public. If you would like to donate online click here.

We also have some exciting events in the pipe-line. The details of these exciting events will be released soon so stay tuned for more info on these goings-on.

In addition to these more special one-off events, we are organising a group of sixth formers to help our new fundraising team organise more community and ‘in-house’ events such as fairs, markets and sales! All our welcome to these events so please do come along! Once again, information will be posted about them as soon as possible.

Our Year 10 Community Support Group are organising a presentation to local residents about the QK House project, as well as running in house fundraisers such a cake sales.

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