Students' Uniform

School Uniform is compulsory at Quintin Kynaston School. All students must wear the correct school uniform at all times. It is the outward face we present to the community, and we expect students to wear sensible and appropriate dress without fashion accessories - this includes hairstyle and footwear. Those who do not will be sent home after a telephone call to a parent or guardian.

All staff are expected to consistently enforce the strict uniform rules. This includes challenging students, sending letters home, contacting parents and discussing issues with the Directors of Learning.

Compulsory Uniform

  • Pale blue QK polo shirt
  • Navy blue skirt or trousers
  • Navy blue QK sweatshirt or QK fleece
  • Black shoes
  • QK Outdoor Jacket
  • QK Backpack (currently for Year 7 & 8)

P.E. Kit

  • White QK t-shirt
  • Navy blue shorts or jogging bottoms
  • White socks

How to buy

Our online store clearly shows all the sizes and the prices for each item available. You can buy online (we use PayPal but you don't need a PayPal account to shop with us) or you can visit the QK Uniform Shop at the school.

QK Uniform Shop is open Monday to Friday 3.30pm until 4.00pm (cash or cheque with guarantee card only. We can accept credit or debit cards, but only for online orders).


No jewellery is permitted except 1 pair of stud earrings and a watch. Caps and hoods are not permitted in the school building. No valuable items may be brought to school (mobile phones, Walkmans etc).

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not allowed in school. Should a student bring a mobile to school it must be given to their tutor or Director of Learning at morning registration, where it will be securely locked away and can be collected at afternoon registration. If a student is late, their mobile should be handed into the school office. Tutors will collect these mobiles at break time. Students should collect their phones from their tutor or Director of Learning at afternoon registration. This procedure is administered strictly, if a student is seen with a mobile phone during the school day it will be confiscated.

Religious Clothing and Adornments

Three students wearing the correct uniform

QK is respectful of all religions and aims to provide opportunity for students to express their faith. At QK symbols of religion such as a crucifix or crescent on a chain may be worn around the neck, but must be removed for physical activities. All other jewellery is unacceptable.

QK allows students to wear various head-dresses including the hijab, skullcap and turban to support students' religious expression. These may be worn in addition to the school uniform. Headscarves should be navy blue or black. Full school uniform may not be replaced by alternative religious or other clothing.

Sixth Form Dress Code

For the new academic year (2011-12) we are operating a more formal dress code for the 6th Form;
students should dress like a working professional.

BOYS - Should wear:

  • Full length trousers
  • Shirts, polo t-shirts or plain t-shirts
  • Jumpers, jackets or cardigans
  • Shoes
  • Ties optional

GIRLS - Should wear:

  • Trousers, dresses or skirts (should be an appropriate length)
  • Shirts, polo t-shirts or plain t-shirts
  • Jumpers, jackets or cardigans
  • Shoes, that must have a strap at the back

The following guidelines should be observed:

  • No jeans
  • No trainers, flip flops, ugg (or ugg-like) boots
  • No sports clothing - including track suits, football tops
  • No shorts
  • No slogans
  • No vests
  • Skirts should be of an appropriate length
  • No hats or hooded tops
  • Modest dress required at all times

Your dress will be monitored as you enter the building and during registration. If it is felt
you are inappropriately dressed you will be referred to your Director of Learning. We
reserve the right to ask any students to go home to change if it is felt they are
inappropriately dressed.