Student Voice

QK Student Voice - Be heard. Get involved.

Student Voice is the active involvement and participation of students within the school community.

QK’s Student Voice Faculty is considered to be one of the most dynamic and extensive in the UK. The ever-growing and developing faculty is fully embedded into daily school life. Students are the ambassadors of the school, representing what QK is all about.

The very business-like faculty ensures that the voices of the most important members of school are heard by those who run it.

Student Voice Outcomes

Student Voice must contribute to the following areas:

  • The Operational Management of the School
  • The Strategic Development of the School
  • The Well-Being of Students (Physical &Emotional)
  • The Representation of Students’ Views and Opinions
  • The Development of Student Responsibility and Contribution
  • The Continual Improvement of Staff / Student Liaison

QK School is not just an academic environment but also a place where students can develop into young adults equipped with the life skills needed to progress through their involvement in Student Voice.

The Student Voice Structure

Student Voice is made up of the following strands, each lead by a 6F student leader who sits on the Student Leadership Board.

Diagram showing the different strands of the Student Leadership Board

At QK we break Student Voice into two distinct, but inter-linking, sections – involvement and representation.

Involvement – encouraging and allowing students to play an active, hands-on role within the school and wider community.
Representation – ensuring that the views and opinions of the student body are heard.

Our School Council is award-winning!

Students receiving the Speakers' School Council Award

QK was recently presented with Speakers’ School Council Award at the Houses of Parliament. This prestigious national award is a huge achievement and recognises all the hard work the School Council has demonstrated over the years.

We develop leadership through our prefect system


Our well established prefect system develops leadership and promotes respect. Year 11 Prefects work alongside members of staff to support the operational management of the school at break and lunchtimes. A team of Year 9 Prefects go off-site to work within local primary schools during lunchtimes. We also have a team of after-school prefects that patrol the local area and police the local community everyday from 3.30pm – 4.00pm.

The Student Voice Team

Student Leadership Board


  • Irene Forster, Deputy Headteacher
  • Vitto Farci, Student Voice Co-ordinator
  • Nadir Basma
  • Oussama El-Azizi
  • Shannon Wayling

Want more info about Student Voice?

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Tel: 0207 722 8141 Ext. 234 (main office) / 187 (SLB office)