Highlights of 2010 Results

  • Key Stage 3: 82% at Level 5 or above. (22% at Level 7+ and 48% at Level 6+ Placing us in top 6% for Value added)
  • GCSE: 58% A*- C+ and 100% G - A*. (all above the national average)
  • AS-level: 76% gained grades A-E
  • A2 –level:100% gained grades A-E

Current Developments

There have been significant changes to how we deliver Maths at QK.

At Key Stage 3 our schemes of work very much reflect the move towards functional skills and seeing the use of Maths in our everyday lives. Our assessments at Key Stage 3 are no longer simply timed examinations but take into account project work that happens across a term.

At GCSE we have moved towards a modular specification with students now sitting GCSE Unit examinations at key points across the course. Our Key Stage 4 enrichment clubs are well attended and all information regarding Modular exam date and revision support can be found on our Key Stage 4 page.

We have also introduced a Maths Student of the Month award across all Year groups which recognises the hard work and success of our best Mathematicians.

Beyond QK

Imperial College undergraduates continue to work with QK's Gifted Mathematicians; QK teachers run projects with local primary feeder schools and we are looking forward to continuing this work in 2010-2011!

Stayed tuned for the progress of our Key Stage 5 students who are about to take part in this Year’s Maths Olympiad...