The Faculty continues to grow while examination results improve year on year thanks to an enthusiastic and dynamic team who teach European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages (see panel). French is taught in all years with some students also studying Italian from Year 8.

Highlights of 2010 Results


  • 75% of French students achieved A*-C
  • 100% of Italian students achieved A*-C
  • 94% achieved A*-C in Community Languages with 65% getting A*-A!



  • 77% of French AS students achieved A-E
  • 75% achieved A-C in Community Languages


  • 100% of French A2 students achieved A-E
  • 71% achieved A-C in Community Languages

Current Developments

Up to date French and Italian magazines are available in the Library and various workshops are planned for 2010/11.

Cross-Curricular Events

Recently, the Faculty has included a range of different curriculum subjects in Language lessons in order to develop students’ transferable skills. For example, Maths, when teaching numbers, quantities and time; PE, when teaching body parts,; teaching vocabulary of the face through the study of portraits (Art); Music, when celebrating Black History Month.

Beyond QK

Students improve their speaking and listening skills and experience the local culture on trips to France and Italy. Visits from outside speakers for example Google, are organised so students can understand the importance of languages in the working world. This year speakers from universities will be invited to talk with our students outlining the opportunities available with languages at university.

Every September the Faculty celebrates European Day of Languages which promotes the rich linguistic and cultural diversity at our school. During language lessons, students have taster lessons in a new language taught by QK staff and sixth formers who share their passion for their language and culture. We also work in collaboration with the diner who prepares a special menu with a European twist.

Students participating in European Day Of Languages about the school