Vocational Courses

As a School we offer:

  • Help in supporting colleagues setting up BTECs
  • Places on our courses for students from other schools
  • Courses run at QK for groups of students from other schools

Business - BTEC Level 2

Students gain valuable knowledge about the workings of small and medium enterprises. The skills gained are appropriate for a career in a business orientated environment.

More information on Business - BTEC Level 2

Construction - BTEC Level 2

Students work in a vocational environment to gain a range of knowledge and practical skills which will prepare them for a broad range of jobs within the industry.

More information on Construction - BTEC Level 2

Engineering - BTEC Level 2

Students gain skills and knowledge for a range of craft and technical occupations.

More information on Engineering - BTEC Level 2

Hair and Beauty - NVQ Level 2

Students gain practical skills and knowledge in the hair and beauty sector including actual hairdressing.

Health and Social Care - BTEC Level 2

Students develop knowledge and understanding required in the health and social care sector.

More information on Health and Social Care - BTEC Level 2

Hospitality - BTEC Level 2

All aspects of the catering industry and associated crafts are covered. Students gain knowledge and a range of skills in preparation for a career in catering.

More information on Hospitality - BTEC Level 2

Horticulture - BTEC Level 2

Students gain practical skills, knowledge and understanding across a range of horticultural activities.

More information on Horticulture - BTEC Level 2

Sport - BTEC Level 2

Students gain valuable knowledge of the sports industry. They have the opportunity to lead and plan activities for primary schools and learn the physiology of the human body.

More information on Sport - BTEC Level 2